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Keep Track Of Borrowed Money In A Beautiful Way With PayMeBack

Keep Track Of Borrowed Money In A Beautiful Way With PayMeBack

August 28, 2011
PayMeBack by Rick Waalders, Sjoerd Perfors icon

PayMeBack ($0.99) by Rick Waalders, Sjoerd Perfors is a beautifully designed app that will help you keep track of borrowed money.

It always happens – money is borrowed. Whether people borrowed it from you, or you borrowed it from others, it’s just bound to happen. How do you keep track of it? Maybe write it down on paper, or make a note on your phone? These solutions may work, but it won’t be specially designed for the task at hand. This is where PayMeBack comes in.

PayMeBack is a stylish and well designed app, and you can tell from the moment you launch it. It’s clear that the developers spent time to make this a quality app, and it is much appreciated by users.

PayMeBack by Rick Waalders, Sjoerd Perfors screenshot

The main screen is where everything is tracked. People that owe you and people you owe – it’s all here. Names will show up along with an indicator of who is doing the owing, and the amount that is owed. If it is someone that owes you, text will be green and the arrow will point down. If you owe someone money, the text will be red and the arrow will be pointing up (and the amount of money will be negative too).

To add a new debt, simply tap on the “New” button at the bottom center bar. This will prompt you whether you need to pay someone back or if someone needs to pay you back. Once that choice is made, then it is time to fill in the details: name, amount, and description (completely optional). Names will be pulled from your Address Book and there will be an autocomplete feature (names appear in a drop down) as you type. Then the transaction will be saved and show up on the main screen.

Now, what if you have multiple people borrow money from you at once? Think of something like concert tickets (where the prices of the items are the same for what you’re getting). Good thing that PayMeBack allows you to split payments between multiple people.

To do this, simply add the names of the people on the Names screen of a new transaction. You have to make sure that you add the names individually but don’t move on to the next screen before the other names are added. As the names are all added, you then proceed on to the amount screen.

From here, you enter the amount that is owed and then check off the box that says “Split the amount evenly between everyone.” Another option will pop up once that box is checked, this time being “Include yourself in the split.” If you enter the full amount of the bill including your share, then this will take that in to account when figuring out how much others owe you.

These split payments will end up as individual payments on the main screen, labeled by the person’s name like an individual payment. Simple and easy, right?

Tapping on a payment in the list will give you a few options. You can tap on the item to mark it as paid or unpaid, swipe to delete it, or even remove the person. An orange button brings up a contextual menu with three more choices: Map, Details, and Share. Map will simply show where you added the transaction (assuming if you allow the prompt in the beginning for location services), and Details will simply show the description (that you entered) of the transaction.

PayMeBack by Rick Waalders, Sjoerd Perfors screenshot

Share will create a URL that the other party can view to keep track of what they owe. This URL can be sent via email, Facebook, Twitter, and plenty of other social services.

Of course, this URL doesn’t mean that the other party will guarantee the money right away – it will take some ambition and persistence on your part. Unless you have a really cool and trustworthy friend, which would be awesome.

The app works and does what it says it does – keep track of borrowed money. However, I have one issue with it currently: debts in the list will display the amount owed in Euros, but when I tap on it, the amount will show up in USD. I was unable to find an option to have the app display USD only, since I live in the United States. This can be a bit confusing and I hope that the developers fix this in an update.

In the end though, the app is beautiful and the animations are fluid. If you have to deal with borrowed money a lot, then this app can definitely help you keep track of it easily and exquisitely. Definitely worth the asking price of a dollar.

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