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Schedule Planner PRO HD Is An Almost Perfect Productivity App For The iPad

Schedule Planner PRO HD Is An Almost Perfect Productivity App For The iPad

August 2, 2011
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Schedule Planner PRO HD ($0.99) by Intersog is like the iPhone's calendar app on steroids, offering heaps of planning potential that will solve your time-based headaches.

The app isn’t a perfect package (lack of native calendar integration is a drag) but with a low price and rock solid performance, Schedule Planner PRO HD is easily one of the best planners to ever hit the App Store.

Schedule Planner PRO HD by Intersog screenshot

As a planner, Schedule Planner PRO HD offers all the features you’d expect it to. Users can plug in important tasks, meetings, and rendezvous, categorizing them by type, time, duration, and more, for easy browsing. The app sports a dashboard style homepage for quick glances at your day’s work, as well as a full calendar for more advanced planning.

Schedule Planner PRO HD also comes with some extra features not generally included in a planner, but ones that are appreciated nonetheless. The app will track how much time you’ve allotted to specific categories, and then produce its results in pie graph form.

This means if you’re concerned you might be spending too much time working on a project, Schedule Planner PRO HD will graphically show you just how bad the situation is.

The app will also let you differentiate between planned activities and actual tasks, which is a nice touch -- anyone who has ever worked in a professional setting knows just how rare solid plans can be. Separating the two really helps to keep things simple and efficient.

Schedule Planner PRO HD by Intersog screenshot

All in all, Schedule Planner PRO HD makes for a killer iPad productivity app. Its beautiful interface keeps things simple and coherent, while the extras (graphs, statistics exporter, etc.) feel like icing on the cake. The ability to sort plans by user-specified categories is also tremendously helpful, especially when trying to determine order of importance.

The app does come with one large caveat: There’s currently no integration with the stock calendar app, which is a tremendous drag. Likewise, there’s no way to connect Schedule Planner PRO HD to other calendar services like Google Calendar.

That being said, the developers have promised these features are coming in future updates. Until then, both apps will have to live in separate worlds, requiring a commitment to one or the other.

There’s also no way to attach a quick note to an event. This may or may not be a deal breaker, depending on the user, but having the option to add extra information (like a location, or a note about a contact) would be invaluable for some.

All that being said, Schedule Planner PRO HD is still a fantastic planner for the iPad. Its very useful sorting features and easy to use interface make it a real business-minded option for time management on iOS.

Best of all, the application is $0.99 in the App Store, meaning it won’t break the bank, and might even help improve your work efficiency. And as we all know, time is money.

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