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How High Can You Climb In SuperRope?

How High Can You Climb In SuperRope?

August 12, 2011
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SuperRope (Free) by Craneballs Studios LLC is a cute and entertaining arcade action game. This game will surely keep you on your toes. How high can you go in this fast-paced world of rope climbing?

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First, choose your character. When you first start, you only have one option though, so I guess you're going with the pig. Next, you can choose the difficulty level: easy, medium, or hard. And if you need to, you can always choose the tutorial the first time around as well.

To control your hero, you have two options to choose from: sliding your finger or utilizing the gyroscope and tapping. I ended up going with sliding; I found it to be a bit easier to manage.

And that's it! You're ready to roll ... I mean climb!

The goal of the game is to climb as high as possible, jumping from one rope to the next. This may seem easy enough, but while doing so you must avoid many obstacles. From giant squid to anvils falling from the sky -- you are never truly safe.

Once you climb up a rope, you cannot hit the end of it or you will die. The cool thing about jumping about in this game is that the screen is continuous. If you jump into the right side, your hero will fly on through and pop out on the left. Awesome.

Make sure to collect FunkyStars (in-game currency) and the unique power-ups along the way that will both help your score and aid you in climbing faster.

Some of the powerups you will see are magnets and rockets. Magnets draw the coins and powerups straight to you — with no effort on your part — and the rocket blasts you off, sending you to great heights. You can still control your movement, you'll just be moving much faster.

There are five different characters, or heroes, to unlock along with five unique backgrounds/levels. Once they're unlocked, you can purchase them in the FunkyStore with the FunkyStars you have earned. You can also purchase power-ups.

If you are impatient and feel like spending money, go ahead and make in-app purchases of more FunkyStars so that you can get more upgrades more quickly.

SuperRope by Craneballs Studios LLC screenshot

SuperRope has a few flaws, but it's pretty much what I expected from a free game. The touch controls seemed to be unresponsive at times and there are minor ads. On the bright side, the ads do not pop up during actual gameplay at all. However, you do have options to get more free FunkStars by turning ads completely on and checking out other offers. But it's all up to you.

SuperRope has Game Center support and is available in the App Store for free. It kept me entertained and challenged for a while and the graphics are well done.

If you're looking to cheaply add a fun new game to your collection, give it a try and let me know what you think of it.

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