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Enjoy Quick Cooking Mayhem With Taco Master

Enjoy Quick Cooking Mayhem With Taco Master

August 5, 2011
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Taco Master ($0.99) by Chillingo Ltd lets you live out your taco stand dreams by assuming the persona of a ticked-off and ready to serve grease master. It’s a fun, "Cooking Mama" style game mechanic that lends itself to wicked quick play, engaging career advancement, and endless taco making.

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As stated, Taco Master is a cooking style game that lets you become the taco master you’ve always wanted to be. Orders come in from the top, and it’s your job to arrange the food stuffs from your cart in the same suit as the request.

As the game progresses, more and more items are added to your cart, and the orders will come in quicker. This means you’ll have to work quickly to serve customers. The price of being sluggish is, of course, a big fat fail and the inability to pass the level.

The game throws in a couple of different styles of play, as well. This includes a career mode, which involves a sordid plot about two stand owners, and the red hot desire to get even by satisfying as many customers as possible.

The other offerings are “Time Attack,” which requires users to evangelize Taco Master to three of their friends, and “Arcade” which presents a never ending onslaught of taco orders.

Taco Master also comes loaded with Crystal support for multiplayer leader boards. This is great for those who like the service, but I still would have liked to see full Game Center integration, especially for those achievement hounds like me.

Taco Master by Chillingo Ltd screenshot

On the whole, Taco Master is a wickedly fun game that will whet the appetite of any cooking game fanatic. The gameplay is frantic and frenetic, and having the ability to use multi-touch controls makes the experience all the more rewarding.

The graphics are also quite good: The food doesn’t look tasty enough to eat just yet, but it’s certainly the best virtual meal you’ll find in the App Store.

Likewise, learning to become a true taco master is genuinely a challenge. The game forces the player to use memorization, as the orders cannot be viewed without clicking first, and when multiple combinations of ingredients are involved, things can certainly get hectic.

All in all, it’s a great concept, and one that aims to please. I found myself preferring the arcade mode, as I couldn’t quite get into the story of the career option.

That being said, all the available game modes are excellent, though the need to send invitations to three friends to unlock an extra set of rules is a bit of drag: especially considering the app has already been purchased.

Taco Master will run you $0.99 in the App Store, which is a tremendous bargain for the number of gameplay hours offered. If you’re a fan of cooking titles for the iPhone, Taco Master will not disappoint. It has killer graphics, quick gameplay, and oh-so-tasty tacos.

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