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Always Be Prepared For The Sun With Ultraviolet - UV Index

Ultraviolet - UV Index by Robocat icon

Ultraviolet - UV Index (Free) by Robocat gives you the information that you need to know about the day's UV level.

It's summer, or rather, close to the end of summer. But it's still pretty hot (especially here in California!), and the sun is around year-round. With the sun comes a lot of ultraviolet radiation, so Robocat wants to help you out!

Robocat is well-known for beautifully designed apps, and Ultraviolet - UV Index is no exception. I've fallen in love with their other apps like Outside and Thermo, and the design of Ultraviolet has won me over as well.

Ultraviolet - UV Index by Robocat screenshot

On launch, you'll see a gray splash screen with a shiny orb in the middle. The app will then prompt you for Location Services permissions, and then automatically gather your current location. What you're presented with is a beautiful screen that displays what you need to know about the current UV levels.

At the top of the screen will be your location, or any location you want to view. To view another location, simply tap it and drag the map around. I wish that there was a way to just enter in the location name rather than look around a map, though.

The UV levels for the selected location is displayed in a large font on the color-coded sphere in the middle of the screen. If you're familiar with the UV index, the number will be anywhere from zero to 15, and the colors will match the standards as well. Underneath this is the UV forecast for tomorrow at noon.

Underneath the sphere is a bit of torn paper and the level in text (very low, high, etc.), along with some information to help you survive in the current levels.

There's a little Robocat icon near the sphere that will give you contact information for the developers, leave a review in the App Store, or find out more of their apps.

Ultraviolet - UV Index is free to download, but supported by ads. There is an in-app purchase option of $0.99 to remove these ads and give you the full experience of this beautiful app, though it's not necessary.

Ultraviolet - UV Index by Robocat screenshot

I did experience one annoying little glitch though -- if you come back to the app after a while without fully quitting the app (kill it in the multitasking tray), the ads seem to keep getting pushed up on the screen, thus messing up the rest of the visual elements. The only way to avoid this is to kill the app after you exit to the home screen.

Currently, it seems that Ultraviolet will only support one location at a time. I hope there is support for multiple locations in the future, as well as an easier way to look for locations (I don't want to drag a map on the screen all the time to do this).

If UV levels matter to you (and I would think that you do -- we don't want skin cancer, do we?), then give this app a try. For a free download, it certainly doesn't hurt (not as much as the sun that's outside, anyway).

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Always Be Prepared For The Sun With Ultraviolet - UV Index

Always Be Prepared For The Sun With Ultraviolet - UV Index