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Help Torvi The Viking Cook Up Some Scrambled Eggs

Help Torvi The Viking Cook Up Some Scrambled Eggs

August 17, 2011
Viking vs. Chickens by Uplay Mobile Ltda icon

Viking vs. Chickens ($1.99) by Uplay Mobile Ltda has inviting graphics, and quick, fun gameplay.

On the surface, Vikings and chickens don’t seem to have a lot in common, but Torvi is a retired Viking that’s happened to develop a deep love of scrambled eggs. In Viking vs. Chickens, it’s your job to help Torvi gather up chicken eggs so he can whip up his favorite dish.

It sounds easy enough, right? Running around and gleefully picking up eggs may be a simple task, but these are no ordinary chickens, mindlessly eating feed and laying egg after egg for Torvi to enjoy. No -- these are angry chickens. They have sharp beaks and wicked claws, and they know how to use them.

Viking vs. Chickens by Uplay Mobile Ltda screenshot

To help Torvi snag eggs, you’ll also have to avoid these ferocious pecking chickens, who will do anything to protect their emerging chicks. Torvi is controlled with tilt motion controls or a joystick on the screen, which can be placed on either the right or the left. I preferred the joystick controls, but didn’t have a problem with the motion controls either.

Gathering eggs will add to your score, and running into chickens won’t automatically end the game, but it will cause damage. Luckily there are power ups which will heal Torvi’s wounds and give him other boosts, such as a speed increase, which helps keep this game dynamic and interesting.

Chickens will come in several sizes, from regular chickens that will beeline right for you, to larger chickens that are slower but harder to avoid, to small chicks that are prone to spontaneous explosions. All must be carefully avoided while gathering eggs, and the game gets harder and harder as you progress.

For you competitive types, Viking vs. Chickens features Game Center integration with leader boards, and Facebook Connect for sharing scores with friends.

Viking vs. Chickens by Uplay Mobile Ltda screenshot

I liked the concept behind Viking vs. Chickens, and it’s a fun game, but perhaps slightly overpriced for what it offers. While it does have dynamic gameplay with the power ups, the waves of levels, and the wide range of enemies, it doesn’t feature high resolution graphics.

Viking vs. Chickens is a simple game, but it’s amusing and perfect for when you’ve only got a few minutes to dedicate to a game, such as standing in line at the grocery store or waiting in the doctor’s office. It’s quick, easy to play, and has a fun background story that will have you opening the app time and time again.

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