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Say No To Forgetfulness And Cluttered Task Managers, Just Say Yes! - Tasks

Say No To Forgetfulness And Cluttered Task Managers, Just Say Yes! - Tasks

August 19, 2011
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Yes! - Tasks ($0.99) by appart15 GmbH makes it as easy as one tap to add, edit, or prioritize those lists of tasks you've been meaning to, well, do. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles; it's just crisp, clean, and to the point. And, my oh my, is it one pretty app!

Yes! - Tasks by appart15 GmbH screenshot

Tap the plus sign on the main screen to create a new list. Once you name your list, you can then click the plus sign again to start adding all of the tasks that need to be done under this category or project.

Once you've added the first task, click the next button on the keyboard to continue adding more and so on. Simple. Clean. Fast.

Rearranging and prioritizing your tasks and lists is as easy as touching and dragging the items into your desired order. You are also able to view all of your tasks, or only those currently pending.

If you accidentally delete a task or list, have no fear! Shake your phone to undo — given you have this turned on in the settings, which is the default.

You can share your lists via email. The other party, or parties, must have the app installed to edit them, but once they do, they can make changes. This makes it easy for collaboration.

Yes! - Tasks by appart15 GmbH screenshot

That's it. I told you: simple. Beautiful, minimalist design and functionality make this the perfect app for anyone just looking to quickly remember and sort items and ideas.

The only thing that this app lacks is a way to sync tasks across devices. It's very gorgeous in design and does its job well, but the ability to sync would make the $0.99 it costs even more worth it.

Other than that, if you just want to quickly make lists and add tasks, this is definitely a keeper.

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