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Roll Your Way To Happiness With Hedgehog Adventure HD, Plus Win A Copy

Roll Your Way To Happiness With Hedgehog Adventure HD, Plus Win A Copy

August 10, 2011
Hedgehog Adventure HD by chlova icon

Hedgehog Adventure HD ($1.99) by chlova is an iPad-only, side-scrolling platform game that will leave you drooling with nostalgia at how perfectly portrayed the adventure is. There is also an iPhone/iPod touch compatible version for the same low price.

Hedgehog Adventure HD by chlova screenshot

You must roll your hedgehog through various obstacles, picking up bonus items along the way. The controls allow you to roll left or right and jump, the rest is up to you to figure out. Sometimes, you must push an ice block on top of a fiery platform in order to cross, other times you must plan your rolls just right to avoid being smashed by pillars. Each level offers a new and challenging task to overcome.

This game brings me back to the days when I sat for hours in front of my TV screen, bug-eyed and exhausted after hours of playing Mario Bros. until my thumbs hurt. Fans of slightly newer than retro games will really get a kick out of Hedgehog Adventure. The touch-button controls, side-scrolling platform gaming, and simple, but challenging levels are console game perfection.

Overall, this platform adventure game is a must-have for anyone who remembers when side-scrolling was the only game view you could get. It is hard to believe that something this good is only $1.99. I would have stomped my feet and threw a fit in the toy store, begging for this game at any price. One lucky winner will not have to hold their breath until they turn blue because I have my sweaty little hands on a free copy. If you’d like to side-scroll down memory lane, leave a comment below. Contest ends Sunday, August 14 at 11:59 p.m. CDT.

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