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Square Is Becoming The Common Way To Accept Credit Cards

Square, just recently updated last week, is finally getting around. If you have no idea what the app is, it finally gives smartphone users the ability the accept credit card transactions. The idea is amazing and it has definitely caught on. The only problem that people who wanted to try swiping their card had was the few number of users. Not anymore. When Square released their accompanying app, Card Case, users were given the option to create tabs at Square powered registers. One feature used your location to tell you the nearest place that uses the Square card. However, the app didn't seem all that popular because the closest location was usually a great distance away. Just like fellow author Bryan Wolfe said,
"The closest merchant from my current location in Las Vegas, Nevada is 196 miles away."
Now, Square has apparently gotten a makeover and has come out more popular than ever. Maybe it's the quick transaction and the convenience of using a device that's always with you that is drawing the customers. Or maybe it's the fact that it's free (besides the 2.75% transaction fees). Regardless, Mike Bostock, Visualisation Scientist at Square, has provided some quick visualizations on how popular the new kid in town is. Of course, users don't like everything about the popular guy. In fact, their greatest frustration comes from the fact that if more than $1,000 of weekly transactions occur, Square will temporarily hold the money for fraud prevention purposes. Though, if you're a regular user, Square will let you cash in more regular amounts. Nevertheless, this will definitely irritate small businesses who need their money immediately. The customers do understand the fact that not everything will be perfect and that's why they still tell their stories of their switch and send out appreciation.
"Back in the rainy season, we cover our credit card machine with plastic, but the wind blew the plastic off and the rain hit the credit card machine and we were out a credit card machine," Overturf said. "We were in the process of ordering one and we went to the Farmer's market of all places and all the guys there were using them."  
[ Image Via: BusinessInsider ]
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