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Star Arcade Releases A New Social Game, Jelly Wars

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Jelly Wars ($0.99) by Star Arcade Oy is a universal strategy-based shooting game where two blobs of jelly fight it out in an arena using nothing but their gelatinous prowess and some well-placed sticky bombs. Play Jelly Wars in real time against friends and rivals with Star Arcade.

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Star Arcade is the leader in mobile social gaming with titles such as Reversi, Rock, Paper, Scissors, and Diamond Capture. Most of them offer free versions. The games are cross platform, allowing a multitude of users with mobile devices to join the community. When you register with Star Arcade, you can play any of their games with anyone else waiting to play. Because the community is so large, you will rarely wait long for a chance to increase your rank by outwitting your opponent.

Jelly Wars utilizes strategic bombing for its gameplay. You are placed in an arena, surrounded by jelly blocks that not only hinder your shooting capabilities, but protect you from enemy bombs. You have two different weapon choices, one that sticks to the bottom of blocks and one that sticks to the sides of them. Each one is necessary for different situations. To throw your bomb, touch your fighter and pull back on him. This allows you to aim and set the distance of your firing range. When you release your bomb, it will stick to whatever obstacle is in the way and blow it up. Your goal is to either destroy your opponent by chipping away at his hit points, or by knocking him into the water.

Overall, this universal game will bring you hours of fun. It is casual enough to be played while waiting for the bus, but addictive enough to keep you in for the night with your mobile device. The ability to play with strangers around the globe makes it even more exciting. At only $0.99, you should definitely add this to your Star Arcade repertoire.

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Star Arcade Releases A New Social Game, Jelly Wars

Star Arcade Releases A New Social Game, Jelly Wars