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The Bug Heroes Follow-Up Is Now Available As A Universal App

The Bug Heroes Follow-Up Is Now Available As A Universal App

August 3, 2011
If you were a fan of the tower defense, dual-stick shooter, and action RPG hybrid — Bug Heroes — you will be in for a treat with the recent release of the game's spinoff (and follow-up). The new title has been released as a universal app and is called, Bug Heroes Quest. The art style and core gameplay mechanics appear similar to Bug Heroes, but the action follows a different formula. Bug Heroes Quest is a story-based adventure rather than just an arcade-style action game. The game has a deep story that progresses through a campaign based on completing a variety of missions. This makes the new title more of an action RPG, rather than a tower defense game like the first entry. Foursaken Media, on Touch Arcade, described this release as a 3D action/adventure/RPG game based in the Bug Heroes universe. You can level up your characters, customize their skill sets, talk to NPCs and explore huge environments. Here is the complete feature list (taken from the app description):
  • Seamless blend of action, adventure, and RPG elements, designed specifically for the iOS gamer
  • Dual stick action, with both long-ranged and close combat
  • Deep, intertwining story
  • In-depth character progression -- level up, customize skills, equip new weapons and armor, and more!
  • Huge environments to explore, across over 60 stages
  • Interesting fantasy world with unique characters to talk to and learn about
  • Hours of gameplay and replayability
  • Fight in a variety of arenas and compete in the Game Center leaderboards
  • Control a variety of characters
  • Optimized and playable on ANY device, old and new
The game is available on the App Store for only $0.99.

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