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The White iPhone 4, For The First Time In 40 Inch

The White iPhone 4, For The First Time In 40 Inch

August 13, 2011
With the growing amount of people ready to spend money and major time on building human-sized iPhones, it's pretty clear that you can't really call yourself a true iOS fanboy anymore if you don't have one of your own. That's exactly what one student, Benjamin Bachmeier, told himself when he decided to build iTableous. The iTableous is an iPhone coffee table built with an HD TV, that tries to preserve all of the iPhone's (and the TV's) hardware feature. That is, all its buttons are functional; whether you want to raise volume or use the flashlight. Unfortunately, it doesn't run iOS and Benjamin should have considered getting himself an Apple TV, and mirror an iPad 2 on there, but oh well. Either way, the level of detail he tried to attain is great, and worth praising. If you're reading this AJ, we should get one for the office. Here it is on video, check it out:

If you want to learn more, Benjamin has a full gallery and a specs sheet right on his website. [via Giz]

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