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Tilt & Sprout Is A Nice Surprise For iPhone Gamers

Tilt & Sprout Is A Nice Surprise For iPhone Gamers

August 30, 2011
Tilt & Sprout is a new game for the iPhone/iPod touch. It stars the cuddly, but somewhat annoying, Tilt, a blue bird with a seed obsession. Your  job is to assist him in growing bigger and more beautiful flowers by avoiding underground obstacles. Created by Scotland-based Twiddly, Tilt & Sprout is very much like Facebook’s popular FarmVille, but on a much smaller scale. The goal of the game is to continue planting seeds by steering the growing shoots around the dangers that lie underground. This can include things like rocks, dog bones, and other pesky items buried deep under the farm. As your sprout continually grows through the level you will collect flower-boosting minerals. With each new mineral your sprout gets stronger and grows faster, increasing the challenge and testing your reflexes. Game features include:
  • Simple tilt controls, intuitive to play
  • 48 fun-filled levels across a variety of imaginative landscapes
  • Game Center support with 30+ achievements
  • Cute cartoon-style graphics and enjoyable music
  • A large assortment of surprising flora to be discovered
  • Diverse game mechanics that can help and hinder
Tilt & Sprout is one of those games that is nice to have installed on your iPhone, when you need a few minutes to relax and forget about your stressful day. The game is reasonably priced at $.99 and available now in the App Store.

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