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Tupperware Isn’t Making A Comeback, It Never Left

Tupperware Isn’t Making A Comeback, It Never Left

August 27, 2011
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Tupperware US (Free) by Tupperware is a catalog app that lets you shop for your favorite Tupperware items, learn how to host a party or even become a consultant. Although Tupperware parties may seem as outdated as your grandmother’s fashion sense, the brand is as trustworthy as your grandmother’s love for you, and this app helps you stay connected with Tupperware, not your grandmother.

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As a kid growing up, my mom owned much of the Tupperware line. I think she may have inherited it from my grandmother. Our cereal was freshly sealed away in an airtight container, our leftovers always stacked nicely in the refrigerator and our lemonade poured conveniently out of that iconic, yellow pitcher. I must have dropped that thing 10 times, but nothing ever spilled out. Today, I only have the yellow pitcher and a couple of storage containers. Mom didn’t want to part with her set when I moved away. Now, with Tupperware US, I can check out what kinds of products are available and learn all about the business of selling the nation’s most popular kitchenware.

This app allows you to view products available for sale and comment on any of them. You can also send a product summary through email, save items to your favorites list and post images to Facebook and Twitter. You can learn about the menu of themed parties, find out what kinds of host rewards are available if you decide to throw a party, and watch videos from the company about the products. You can also learn about what it means to become a Tupperware consultant and find out how to join. You can even visit the company’s website from within the app.

There are a few significant things missing from this app. First of all, you can’t purchase any of the products. There are great summaries of each item, but no way to actually buy them. The company does sell their wares on the Internet, so it is possible to buy something without needing to host a party. The feature is just missing from the app. Additionally, it is full of useful information on how to host a Tupperware party or even become a consultant, but there is no way to execute either. Again, this feature is available from the website, but was not included with the app.

This is free app, and like Tupperware itself, is easy to use and convenient for people on the go. You can stay updated on sales, learn about hosting parties and find out how to become a consultant. Even without the ability to purchase products through the app, this is a great way to stay in touch with Tupperware’s quality line of kitchenware.

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