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Zip Lines Aid In Illegal iPad Smuggling Into China

Zip Lines Aid In Illegal iPad Smuggling Into China

August 9, 2011
Recently, Chinese police arrested six individuals while they were attempting to smuggle over $45,000 in iPhones and iPads from Hong Kong into China using zip lines and crossbows. Due to differing tax laws, an iPad 2 sells for $572 in China and $499 in Hong Kong. With only the Sha Tau Kok River separating the two, there is a profit to be made by selling the iPad for a price in-between the two. The smugglers worked under the darkness of night and used a crossbow to shoot a cable across the river from a high-rise in China to a home in Hong Kong. Once the cables were secured, a pulley system was rigged up and the Apple goods were placed in black and camouflage bags. These bags were then sent across the river on a 2-minute journey to the other side.

During surveillance by Chinese police, they discovered the elaborate smuggling setup and confiscated the goods. Smuggling Apple goods into China is not a new thing. Unauthorized dealers have used students who attend school in Hong Kong to smuggle the products over the border. Below is a video, which shows the area and system the smugglers tried to use.

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