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Coati Capture, An Awesome Side-Scrolling Auto Run Challenge

Coati Capture, An Awesome Side-Scrolling Auto Run Challenge

September 28, 2011
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Coati Capture (Free) by William Pepper is a side-scrolling auto run arcade game that challenges your reflexes and reaction time. Run, jump and flip upside down as fast as you can because the hunters are on their way.

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This game is set to auto run and you only have two options, jump and flip. It seems simple, but it is not. You must have near perfect timing and reflexes or your character will fall off a cliff. Jumping is self explanatory. As the coati runs across the screen, you tap the left side of the screen to jump him over gaps in the course. Flipping is another story altogether. The coati does not just summersault in midair. He also lands upside down on the top of the screen. He will continue to automatically run, but now he is on the “ceiling.” When you flip him again, he will land back on the ground. Flipping is beneficial if the gaps start to mess with your jump timing and when hunters get in your way. Instead of trying to time your jump to avoid a hunter and make it over a gap, you can just flip and end up in a whole new spot.

The auto run is fast and one mistake will put you over the edge, literally. There is no room for error in this game. There are no levels, the game is in perpetual survival mode, but each time you die you have to start over, and the game changes. It does not become repetitive.

Overall, this game is a serious challenge and plenty of fun. The gameplay is original and replay value is high. It is hard to believe you can get it for free. There aren’t even any advertising banners to get in your way. Download it today.

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