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Destroy Enemy Targets With Upgradable Airplanes In Fractal Combat

Destroy Enemy Targets With Upgradable Airplanes In Fractal Combat

September 17, 2011
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Fractal Combat ($0.99) by NEWTYPE K.K. is a flight simulator arcade game of the old school variety. While the graphics may be from the 21st century, the gameplay harkens back to '90s era fly-and-bomb games.

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When you first start playing, you can learn the controls of your plane in the “Flight Practice” section. Here, you can get a feel for how to maneuver the aircraft. Tilting up sends you down, tilting down sends you up and the throttle controls your speed. The plane never stops moving, so you must learn to coordinate your attacks with your movement. Once you’ve learned how to fly, you can begin the missions. Each mission requires you to destroy one or more targets to complete a level. You are attacked on all sides by enemies that you must also destroy. The more you obliterate, the more credits you earn. You can use the credits in the “Garage” to purchase new planes, weapons, radars and shield generators. Each new item gives you a better chance to accomplish your mission.

The game is remarkably easy to play, but action-packed and challenging at the same time. Your aim and timing do not have to be precise in order for you to blow up your enemy. You can even crash into a mountainside without suffering any damage. Your targets are often stationary, giving you ample time to set up the shot.

Overall, this action-packed arcade game is an absolute blast. The pace is fast, the gameplay is thrilling and the upgrades make you want to play over and over again until you max out your plane's abilities. At $0.99 for this universal app, you are getting your money's worth, and then some.

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