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Floria, A Pretty Little Side-Scrolling Adventure

Floria, A Pretty Little Side-Scrolling Adventure

September 14, 2011
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Floria ($0.99) by m42 Studios is a side-scrolling arcade style game with refreshingly beautiful imagery. This simple game is entertaining, creative and will provide hours of fun.

Floria by m42 Studios screenshot

Your goal is to help Floria, the flying flower, float along the breezes as the seasons change. Using tilt controls, you must maneuver the flower around obstacles that will knock points off your total score, but will not stop Floria from continuing her journey. There are no levels. The game plays in perpetual survival mode, but always offers a new challenge each time you play.

Obstacles include bees, birds, spiders and squirrels. As you float along, the seasons change. Floria starts off in the spring and blows through summer and autumn. As the leaves change, the rain starts to fall, and finally, the winter frost takes hold. On the journey, you collect flowers, some that give you points and some that give supercharged powers. You can also collect bonuses that freeze time for just a few seconds. You’ll want to stave off winter for as long as possible, because when the snow falls, it puts Floria out of commission.

At the end of each round of seasons, you gain wisp points that you can use to unlock new types of flowers. The different Florias have different abilities that will help you. There are three additional Florias to unlock, the first costing 1,000 wisp points. The next two double in cost.

Overall, this game is enjoyable, attractive and addictive. The graphic style is sweet and the gameplay is simple. You can pick up this little treasure in the App Store for only $0.99.

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