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How-To: Try Microsoft's New Metro UI On Your iPad

How-To: Try Microsoft's New Metro UI On Your iPad

September 30, 2011
With over 500,000 downloads in less than 24 hours, Microsoft Windows 8 has sparked quite some interest. The major OS revamp from the Redmond company has received tons of positive feedback for going the Apple way. However, as you probably noticed if you tried it, the new Metro UI just doesn’t feel right with a keyboard and mouse. Thankfully, you can actually give Windows 8 a try, right on your iPad in a few very simple steps thanks to some great apps. Here is how: What Devices Does This Work On?
  • iPad 1, 2
  What You Need:   Steps: Congratulations you’ve just turned your iPad into a multi-touch monitor for your Windows 8 machine! We found it very smooth and the best part is all the great touch and swipe gestures that Splashtop offers work perfectly on Windows 8. If you don’t have the time and equipment to try it out, here's what it looks like:

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