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iHomework Keeps Students Organized And On Task

iHomework Keeps Students Organized And On Task

September 11, 2011
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iHomework ($1.99) by Paul Pilone is an absolute essential for any iOS-toting high school or college student. Ditch the pen and paper organizer and view all deadlines within one well-organized app. Those of us who have finished college can only wish we had such an efficient organizer during our classroom days.

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Not only is this app a useful organizer for anyone drowning in assignments, but it's teaming with features that are both functional, useful and quick to

As far as assignments go, students can set alerts for them, repeat recurring assignments in the calendar, quickly record assignment grades and even keep track of overall semester performance automatically.

Users can also create study groups by assignment or class, email assignments to classmates, rearrange assignments and even color-code calendars by subject.

That app allows users to easily link reading assignments with the course for which they are intended. Keep a list of course books too within the app and take any relevant notes about them all here.

Enter detailed information about each course including instructors. Add contact information for teachers or professors and their office hours. You can keep room assignments and schedules here too. All very helpful information especially for those first few weeks of classes when it's hard to keep everything straight.

Worried about losing data? Well, iHomeWork has a companion app available in the Mac App Store that backs up information from an iDevice for access at home or at school.

iHomework also includes a reminder and to-do section. There are, after all, other things that need remembering besides homework - like paying the cell bill and what time that date was set for - well those all-important student activities can also go into the app.

As mentioned, iHomeWork has a Mac companion app. Simply enter assignments on a Mac and sync it with the associated iDevices.

This is ideal for students in high schools who may face restrictions over iPods and iPhones in class that don't apply to notebooks, and to those who use portable devices portably and have a main computer at home or in the dorm.

The interface is incredibly easy to learn and very well organized. If a high school or college student has an iDevice or a Mac at their disposal this semester, I can't recommend iHomework enough. It's will keep users on task and help disorganized students get a handle on things by keeping everything needed for studying in one place.

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