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Kept, A New And Innovative Photography Game

Kept, A New And Innovative Photography Game

September 8, 2011
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Kept (Free) by Third Circle LLC is a social media photography app that puts pressure on you to take great photos. It is not so much a photography app as it is a competitive game. Take the best photo, get the best ranking, collect the most photos.

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To play the game, you just take a picture. Instead of keeping it, your image will shoot off into Kept’s cloud for someone else to rate and keep. In exchange for your photo, you get to rate and keep someone else’s. You can collect other users’ images in the app’s gallery, but only as many photos as others have kept of yours. In other words, if you take crappy pictures, you’ll never get to keep more than one image at a time, so don’t take a picture of your dirty living room.

Currently, the developer has included some fantastic images, just to get the ball rolling. Don’t feel obligated to keep those, as they are not user-submitted images. In order to really get things going, try to keep images that were taken by another player. You’ll be able to tell which ones are which.

Through email correspondence with the developer, I have learned that this app has lots of social network integration for the future; like daily winners for best ranked photo. It is a brand new baby right now, with some kinks to work out. You may experience a glitch or two, but don’t worry, it will get flushed out in the next update. Just keep taking awesome pictures and rating others.

Overall, this photography game is unique and innovative. It has the potential to become a big hit, especially since it is free. If a lot of people pick it up, it will really take off. The competitive nature of the game makes you want to take stunning pictures just to get someone to keep them. If you fancy yourself a bit of an iPhotographer, download this app and see if others agree.

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