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Madden Fans Will Like New App

Forget leaves changing colors. For many, the arrival of the next version of Madden football is what really signifies the arrival of fall. Now, with Madden 12 available on game consoles and iDevices alike, a new app for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad is available to help you play the game even better. Released by Random House Digital, Inc. the free Madden NFL 12: Teams With Videos by Prima is the official Madden playbook strategy app. Key Features include:
  • Playbook breakdown for each team with video integration – 224 playbook videos included (7 videos per team)
  • Offensive/Defensive scouting report with strengths and weaknesses for each team
  • Full depth chart with player position and overall rating
  • Ratings by position with a breakdown on who the best players are for each team
  • Team rating gives you the overall, offense and defense score
  • Dynamic player performance traits for the star player on your team
  • Offensive/Defensive strength charts to know each formation’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Offensive/Defensive key substitutions to give you advantages in every situation
  • Key players and stats on their overall rating, speed, strength, power moves and block shedding
  • Expert playbook tips from Madden pros
While the iPad app is free, the content is not. You’ll receive free gameplay information for only one team, the Chicago Bears. You can purchase additional team packs for $.99 each or $19.99 for all 31 additional teams. Plus, keep in mind the app focus only on the Madden 12 game available on game consoles, not on the game versions available for the iPhone or iPad. If you're really into Madden, definitely check out the universal Madden NFL 12: Teams With Videos by Prima app. It is available today in the App Store.
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