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Make Your Home Movies Look Professional With This Slick New Clapperboard

Make Your Home Movies Look Professional With This Slick New Clapperboard

September 13, 2011
If you ever got a look behind the scenes of a movie or TV show production, you probably saw someone using a clapperboard to indicate the start of a new scene. Take One - Movie Clapperboard For iPad, by High Caffeine, brings this functionality to your iDevice. Other than just looking cool, clapperboards are generally very useful. If you are recording a separate audio track with a device such as the Zoom recorder, you will find the clapperboard helpful in lining up the audio and video tracks. If your movies have several scenes, it will also help keep track of the proper order. Take One has many useful clapperboard tools integrated into a straightforward and easy to use app. They include:
  • The ability to set up as many slates as you need, which are sorted in a list format for easy selection.
  • Selection of day or night mode, to avoid unwanted glare depending on your lighting situation.
  • Easy to use color check where you can make sure your camera is color-balanced before you begin your scene.
  • Single-tap editing of the content on the clapperboard.
  • Time coding that can be set to the time of day or start at zero.
  • Easy to read font styles that look crisp on the camera.
  • Audio can be set with either a single clap or a 2 kHz tone.
  In case you are wondering how to hold your clapperboard, the developers have thought of that too. The center of the iPad screen is less sensitive, so it avoids accidental changing of the slate or project. There are many features packed into Take One - Movie Clapperboard For iPad that go beyond some of the other clapperboards currently available, especially for the price. Pick it up in the App Store for $2.99.

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Steven Troughton-Smith