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Mobile Gmail Adds Multiple Account Support And More

Mobile Gmail Adds Multiple Account Support And More

September 22, 2011
Being a Gmail power user has always been a bit of a challenge in iOS. Because of the many shortcomings of the native iOS mail app in its ability to deal with Gmail, and all its labeling goodness, the Gmail Web app has always been a promising alternative. Today, this becomes even more of a reality thanks to some great new features that Google has added to the app. First of all, those who have had to deal with the painful situation of having multiple accounts will be thrilled to hear that mobile Gmail now finally supports multiple sign-ins. Also, they have created separate URLs for each of your accounts so you can more easily create a local bookmark on your home screen and access different accounts with just a tap. From the official Google Gmail blog:
To sign into an additional account, click on the account switcher at the bottom of the threadlist, then click ”Sign into an another account.” You can quickly switch between accounts by selecting the desired account from the Accounts menu. As part of added multiple sign-in support, we’ve updated URLs so that each account can have a separate bookmark. For those who have previously bookmarked Gmail for Mobile, please update your bookmark.
You can now have the Web app automatically append your personalized signature to your outgoing email to let people know how to find you across 15 different social networks, or at least help them explain all your typos:
To create a mobile signature, from the menu view, press the new settings icon, choose your signature, and then check the box that tells us you want to activate it. If you ever want to disable the mobile signature, you can uncheck the box and we will use your desktop signature instead.
Last, but not least, the Gmail Web app now allows you to setup vacation messages on the go, for when you're already at the airport and forgot to do so. All in all, these are some great additions to what is one of the best available Web apps. As far as I'm concerned, it still doesn't cut it, but if you haven't tried it, make sure to do so by pointing mobile Safari to

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