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Jailbreak Only: OS X Lion Roars ... On An iPhone

Jailbreak Only: OS X Lion Roars ... On An iPhone

September 19, 2011
Hackers have found a way to put what looks like OS X Lion onto an iPhone. Ultimatum is a new beta iOS mod for jailbreakers that attempts to bring the Mac desktop experience to your mobile, according Lifehacker. Take a look:

To install, jail breaker must first make sure they have Dreamboard installed. From there, the follow these directions.
  • Open Cydia
  • Tap Manage Sources
  • Tap Edit, then Add, then add source
  • Go to the Changes section and install Theme Outlet
  • Close Cydia, go to your home screen, and open Theme Outlet
  • Browse for OS X Ultimatum and download it from there
  • Open up Dreamboard, browse for the OS X Lion Ultimatum theme, and install it.
Very cool, don't you think?

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