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Playbox Lets You Become A Video DJ

Playbox Lets You Become A Video DJ

September 27, 2011
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PlayBox - YouTube Playlists (Free) by Aio Synergy is a YouTube video player that specializes in showing you the top 20 music hits from around the world. Create playlists for easy reference and show your friends what a great video DJ you are.

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When the app opens, it automatically updates a playlist of the current top 20 hits in the United States. You can change the country you would like to view by selecting the flag at the top right corner of the screen. The app offers charts from the: U.S., Germany, France, Italy, U.K., and Spain. You can either watch videos from the top charts playlist or create your own. Each playlist can be watched in a continuous auto-play. If you are a fan of chart toppers, you can add the entire top 20 listing to your personal playlist to be saved for future viewing. The chart is updated weekly, so you can keep track of which song was on top from week to week.

You can also create custom playlists using the app’s search feature. You can add individual songs to various playlists that you have created by selecting the blue arrow. In addition to creating playlists, you can add any song to your library. Songs are saved alphabetically and can be shared to Facebook from the library.

This ad-supported app is free and easy to use, but it has its downside. Many videos on the top charts list are just lyric reposts or photo images set to a song. This is because the app only shows mobile supported YouTube videos. This means certain copyrighted or official videos cannot be seen in YouTube’s mobile format. Additionally, videos can only be watched with an Internet connection, either through Wi-Fi or data streaming. The app also has a few glitches that need to be worked out. While watching a video, it would sometimes stop playing and not start up again until I exited out of the video screen. This happened to me a couple of times.

Overall, this app is fun for creating customized YouTube playlists on your iPhone or iPod touch. Even though there are some minor bugs to work out and there is no way around the mobile YouTube restrictions, PlayBox is worth the download for the top 20 charts in several countries. Pick it up today in the App Store.

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