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Plenty Of New Content Added To The King Of Fighters-i

Plenty Of New Content Added To The King Of Fighters-i

September 9, 2011
A new update has been released for The King Of Fighters-i bringing the title to version 1.01.00. This is a huge update with six new characters added to the fighting roster, a new challenge mode, and more. SNK's The King of Fighters has proven to be a worthy challenger to Capcom's Street Fighter IV Volt. In fact, it has kept the hardcore gameplay intact and managed to keep the arcade essence of the series. The six new characters added with the latest update include: Iori Yagami, Mature, Vice, Elisabeth Branctorche, Shen Woo, and Duo Lon. The total number of playable characters now totals 20. Also, despite not being advertised in the app description, Touch Arcade mentions a brand new challenge mode has been added. The challenge mode is apparently designed for single player gameplay and based on any character chosen. Players will be given various tasks to complete with the character. It is a fun mode that should give the game a lot of replay value. New trading cards and illustrations are also available. Besides all these great additions, the price of the game has also been reduced to celebrate the update. The King of Fighters-i is now available for $4.99. It is still not a universal build.

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