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Catculator: The Calculator That Purrs

Catculator: The Calculator That Purrs

September 26, 2011
Catculator by FPO Projects Inc. icon

Catculator ($0.99) by FPO Projects Inc. is a cat! And it’s a calculator! Is there anything better than a calculator designed to look like a fat orange tabby cat?

Say goodbye to that mundane, boring, black and gray default iOS calculator and download something with a little more personality. Catculator features an adorable cat with calculator buttons on his stomach and occasional animations. Catculator’s eyes move around, and leaves fall from the tree he’s hanging onto.

Catculator by FPO Projects Inc. screenshot

That’s not all, though! When you type in calculations, Catculator gives an occasional irritated meow. If you find it annoying, there’s a handy options menu where you can turn off sounds, but I enjoyed having people wonder what the heck I was doing with my phone.

If you give Catculator a rub, he’ll launch into purr mode, or you can give him a shake to hear more of that exasperated meowing.

Catculator has a feature that other calculators just don’t have: Twitter integration. If you are so inclined, you can connect Catculator with your Twitter account in order to tweet your calculations.

Catculator doesn’t do advanced calculations, but if you just need the basics, it’s by far the most awesome calculator in the App Store. Catculator is the new default calculator on my iPhone.

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