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View Your Productivity In Its Simplest Form With Cueframe

View Your Productivity In Its Simplest Form With Cueframe

September 6, 2011
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Cueframe ($1.99) by Ben White is a productivity app to help you organize and prioritize tasks in a clear and easy way. It's very juvenile in design with its bright colors and hand drawn boxes.

Cueframe by Ben White screenshot

To start, you will be greeted by a seven step tutorial. It will take you through all of the actions you can perform within the app. The notes you add in this app are called "cues."

Just double tap on the screen to add a cue. You can add as few or as many cues as you would like. To rearrange these, just tap and drag to whatever position you desire. The cool thing about this is that as you drag and drop the cue, even if there isn't a current spot for it, the other cues will make room for it.

If you wish to prioritize your cues, you can do so by making the cue larger or smaller. Do this by using a pinching motion with your fingers. I found that adjusting the size of the cue proved to be quite an issue for me. It took a while to actually get it to do anything.

If you need to edit a cue, you can tap and hold it until the edit tab appears. Once you've compeleted a cue, or no longer have a need for it, tap on it and flick it away to delete it. If you don't flick the cue with much force, it will not delete on the first try.

This is a very simple reminder and to-do app. There are no menus, just one screen on which you do everything. It opens back up just as you last left it. It was made for simplicity and nothing else.

Cueframe by Ben White screenshot

Cueframe is currently in the App Store for $1.99. If you want something so ridiculously simple, to the point of looking like a children's bulletin board, then maybe this is for you.

However, due to the lack of options, infantile interface, and issues I had with adjusting the cues, I cannot recommend you pay anything for this.

It's a nice idea, but needs to be more polished and have some bugs worked out before it's worth more than free.

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