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Prepare For The Zombie Apocalypse With Infect Them All HD

Prepare For The Zombie Apocalypse With Infect Them All HD

September 22, 2011
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Infect Them All HD ($0.99) by Magic Cube may be yet another zombie game, but can there ever be too many ways to prepare for our impending doom when the inevitable zombie apocalypse hits? Statistically, it’s unlikely you’ll manage to be one of the few zombie-fighting humans remaining, so Infect Them All is a great way to prepare for a future of consuming delicious, delicious brains.

In Infect Them All, you play as one of several zombies. There’s Mary, who is fast but weak, Hunk, who is slow but strong, Micky, who is well-balanced, and Pumpkin Head, who wears a Pumpkin as head armor. Of course, I picked Pumpkin Head, the only natural choice, who also happens to be the most stylish zombie.

When your zombie is selected, entering campaign mode will allow you to start the game. There are 50 stages in campaign mode to begin with, but after you’ve beaten it, you can play an infinite number of levels. Beating campaign mode also unlocks two other game modes: Survival and Blitz.

Infect Them All HD by Magic Cube screenshot

Campaign mode starts out slow, with just a few meandering women to infect. By the way, the blonde girls are your easiest targets. Your zombie is controlled with tilt motion, but if you find that irritating, you can switch on the joystick in the options menu. When you approach one of these hapless women, your zombie will start eating her brains.

Tapping on the screen will cause your zombie to back off, consequently turning your victim into a zombie as well. Continuing to eat her will restore your health points, but you won’t get a zombie out of it. Progression requires a combination of the two techniques to keep your health up, since it constantly drains while you shamble around.

As you eat your way through levels, you’ll notice new types of people. Some of them, such as policemen and chainsaw murderers, carry weapons. The policeman will shoot at you, so you want to avoid bullets, and of course you want to stay away from the business end of bats, chainsaws, and clipboards. These types of people can be defeated by grabbing them from behind, though it will sometimes require a few health draining attempts.

Infect Them All HD by Magic Cube screenshot

Some levels are just swarming with people, and it’s a lot of fun to create a zombie and then watch the virus spread throughout the crowd. The level ends when everyone is dead or zombified, and your coin bonuses can be used to purchase upgrades that make your zombie even more formidable.

Infect Them All HD may be a simple game, but turning scores of people into brain-hungry undead is surprisingly fun and addictive. If you’ve got a spare $0.99, I highly suggest investing in this game.

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