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New iProgress Keeps You Organized And Goal Oriented

New iProgress Keeps You Organized And Goal Oriented

September 7, 2011
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iProgress ($2.99) by Nitromsoft creates a new way to track your goals and progress on the iPhone.

The app takes a more natural route than traditional task managers like Remember the Milk or Things, offering instead a platform for users to mark their own challenges, victories, and defeats.

iProgress by Nitromsoft screenshot

Like other productivity apps available in the App Store, iProgress is designed to help users create goals, and then follow through with them. However, rather than using complicated charts or pre-formatted tables to get the job done, the app instead relies on the user’s own willpower and ability to input data.

When first launched, iProgress asks the user to specify a goal that needs completing. There’s an option to set the goal’s priority status, ranging from low to medium, and ultimately to high. Users’s can also attach notes to the project, in case they have multiple goals running, and require a bit more documentation.

Once a goal has been set, iProgress lets the user proceed in chunks, relying on the human ability to persevere more than hard data. To accomplish this, users are asked to input their own small-step goals, each of which is contained under the ultimate objective.

A double click of the gear found on the home screen starts a new interval for a new goal, which the user sets and defines. When that mission has been completed, no matter how long it takes, another doubletap on the same gear ties off that baby step: Each of these is tracked by a single line graph inside iProgress, showing the user’s progress over a day or a week, all the way up to a solid year.

iProgress by Nitromsoft screenshot

The concept is unique, and largely successful in its own goal to create initiative. Relying on the user’s own willingness to provide data and set goals creates an atmosphere in which willpower is emphasized, rather than time management. This may or may not work for every user, but for those looking to accomplish goals over a lengthy amount of time, iProgress is the perfect companion.

In comparison to apps like Remember the Milk, iProgress does work best for longterm commitments, or vague objectives. If you want to earn a promotion at work, iProgress is a much better option than a simple task manager, which tends to be more short term.

The price is a bit high for iProgress, as the app is priced at $2.99 in the App Store. And though that price tag is higher than we’d like, the app is still wonderfully functional and ideal for those looking to uncover their own initiative.

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