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Whet Your APPetite With Kinetik

Whet Your APPetite With Kinetik

September 9, 2011
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Kinetik - Share the apps you love (Free) by Kinetik is a new kind of social network for iOS apps. There are a few app sharing apps floating around the App Store already (e.g., Frenzapp, Chorus), but so far this one strikes my fancy a bit more.

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I think it goes without saying that we here at AppAdvice love our apps. In fact, we get a little obsessive about them sometimes. Not only do we love finding some amazing gems in the App Store, we love reporting on them to you. Even the bad ones because, hey, you need to know what not to download as well as what to download, right?

To begin, you must log in via Twitter (input your Twitter login information and an email address). I didn't have an issue with this, but a lot of people complain about it, so having different login options would be a good idea to gain more users.

The app takes your Twitter information — picture, name, bio — and adds it to your Kinetik profile. Now, you're all set to start sharing.

Inviting people to use the app is simple. Navigate to the "People" menu and touch "Find Friends" on the top of the screen. Here you can choose between Twitter or Facebook and then find friends to invite from either social network.

However, be careful, because as soon as you click invite, it immediately sends a tweet from your account to that person or auto-posts on their Facebook wall. I wish you could just invite via email instead as this seems a bit intrusive.

View apps that are trending now or view the most recently shared apps from your friends. If you want to browse by category, you can do that too. But if you know which app you want to talk about, just tap the red "Share" button and you can enter the name immediately.

Once you enter the app name, search for it, and select it. You can add a blurb about the app (why you use it, what it does, what you like about it), add hashtags, or leave these sections blank. You can also choose to just share it with Kinetik, or with Twitter and Facebook as well.

Tapping "Done" on your keyboard will immediately share the app — I found this out the hard way — so make sure you have everything squared away before doing so. Especially since I don't see a way to delete an app share if you make a mistake.

When scrolling through the app activity stream, you can get pretty far down the list, checking out everyone's picks. This is only a problem because there is no way to quickly return to the top of the page. They need to implement some sort of way to do so — a "double tap" perhaps? Certainly this shouldn't only apply to Zombieland rules, but app rules as well.

While navigating through the sea of apps, I found myself getting lost among many screens. All of a sudden, I was four or five screens in and had no way of returning to the main screen. I think you should be able to tap any of the main menu buttons on the bottom of the screen to return you to their main screen.

The app did crash on me twice. It can also be pretty slow to update at times. For instance, as I was trying to fight my way to the top of the app leaderboards — because, you know, I have to be number one — I noticed that my number of apps shared wasn't updating right away. Though, I am sure that the developers will push updates out soon to take care of these tiny bugs.

Kinetik - Share the apps you love by Kinetik screenshot

Kinetik is available as a free download in the App Store and is fun to play around with. Whether you're an app addict who just wants to talk about the apps you love, or a new iOS user who would like to find some new apps — suggested by friends and strangers alike — this app is worth checking out. I know I'm already obsessed.

And don't forget to follow me on Kinetik, as well! My username is @atjamie.

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