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Punch Dub Meets iOS In Passat Road Rules

Punch Dub Meets iOS In Passat Road Rules

September 20, 2011
Passat Road Rules by Volkswagen of America icon

Passat Road Rules (Free) by Volkswagen of America brings all of the road trip classic games to your iDevice.

The stereotypical "Are we there yet?" is enough to make any driver shudder. Now you have this app, which aims to bring some levity and distractions to those lengthy car rides.

Each game within the app contains rules for playing, an interactive score board, and the disclaimer that the driver should really focus on the road more than trying to count cows.

Passat Road Rules by Volkswagen of America screenshot

Some of the 20 games included are: Twenty Questions, Two Truths, One Lie, I Spy, A Is For Armadillo, and License Plate Bingo.

Of course, the Volkswagen sponsored Punch Dub game is included as well. Originally just a game intended for spotting Volkswagen Beetles, it has evolved into punching for any Volkswagen model.

Just make sure to call out the car’s color, or the punch is not valid.

All of the games feature a rules page, followed by a score page. Some of the games are well suited to scoring, while others like Road Trip Math encourage you to create your own method. Aside from being able to enter scores, that is the extent of this app’s interactivity.

Given the ubiquity of iDevices, it’d be very easy for passengers to download this free app to keep them occupied.

Just make sure whoever keeps score doesn’t get car sick.

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