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SunrizerXS Puts Analog Synth Functionality In The Hands Of iPhone Users

SunrizerXS Puts Analog Synth Functionality In The Hands Of iPhone Users

September 7, 2011
SunrizerXS synth by BeepStreet icon

SunrizerXS synth ($2.99) by BeepStreet is the ideal solution for the mobile producer.

As a virtual analog synthesizer for the iPhone, the app sports some of the warmest sounds around, as well as a gorgeous interface and enough music production functionality to earn its place in any studio set.

SunrizerXS synth by BeepStreet screenshot

As a synthesizer, SunrizerXS offers all the music creation functionality you’d expect of a classic synth (the app emulates the renowned Roland JP-8000) only repackaged for the iPhone’s smaller screen and tight design.

One of the app’s biggest selling points is its SuperSaw sound emulation, which layers saw waves to produce an exceptionally warm and brilliant tone. It’s possible to use two SuperSaw oscillators per voice, allowing polyphony of seven voices on the iPhone 4, and three voices on the iPhone 3GS.

SunrizerXS also comes with a variety of filters, each of which can be extensively tweaked with the Morph Group function. Within this group, users can continuously edit up to 30 sound parameters, making it incredibly easy to achieve even the wildest of textures. The app also comes with a healthy number of presets to get the mobile musician rolling.

Add to the modulation wheel several different effects, including distortion and chorus filters, as well as a programmable arpeggiator, and SunrizerXS starts to offer one of the most studio-ready iPhone synthesizers we have ever seen.

There’s a built in recording function, as well, which comes with full iTunes file sharing integration, as well as audio copy/paste. This means SunrizerXS plays nicely with other recording apps or mobile studios, such as studio.HD, or SunVox.

SunrizerXS synth by BeepStreet screenshot

SunrizerXS truly is one of the most expansive and ready to rock synthesizers available for the iPhone. With a comprehensive arsenal of customizable sound parameters, even the weirdest of synth geeks can create tones to please their tastes. And with full copy/paste integration, SunrizerXS is a fantastic addition to any musician’s workflow on an iOS device.

The app’s price is more than fair at $2.99 in the App Store -- much less expensive than the analog synth it’s modeled after. The app isn’t very newbie friendly, but for the industry professional or hobbyist needing a new toy, SunrizerXS is a must-have.

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