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Make Incredible Music With SunVox For The iPhone And iPad

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SunVox ($4.99) by Alexander Zolotov offers one of the most comprehensive and exhaustive audio interfaces currently available for the iPad.

The app is a powerful utility for the musician on the go, offering an endless amount of creative potential at an incredibly low price. If you’re looking for desktop quality sequencer for iOS, SunVox is a blessing.

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SunVox for iPhone and iPad is a port of the popular music software that’s currently available for free on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. Because of this, the app feels more like a desktop synth environment, rather than a keyboard emulator, or even a drum pad.

The app comes stock with a multitude of impressive features, including a dizzying array of synths, effects, and other modules. The mix includes a drum synth with over 120 unique sounds, a SpectraVoice synth for FFT-based music creation, and many multiple effects modules. Each of the included modules sounds warm and professional, making it simple to create studio quality songs.

The method of beat creation is also particularly simple, users go beat by beat, programming each note to their liking. Individual notes are tied to specific modules, which in turn can be linked to further modules before being pushed through the audio out. This allows for easy linking of effects chains, and for the creation of complex tonal patterns.

Similarly, the graphical layout of the app is every bit as easy to use as the desktop edition, but maybe not as aesthetically pleasing as apps like studio.HD. Each element of the interface, including the keyboard and waveform editor, can be manipulated to take up more or less space. The included piano itself is easy to manipulate, but SunVox also supports MIDI input for those with compatible hardware.

SunVox by Alexander Zolotov screenshot

With Audio copy/paste, easy exporting to iTunes or other music apps, and one of the easiest to program interfaces I’ve ever seen in a beat studio for the iPhone, SunVox is a must have for the iDevice owning musician. The warm tone of the included synths, not to mention the variety of modules, makes the app versatile and professional.

SunVox isn’t as user friendly as more graphical editors like GarageBand, but the sheer level of open-ended control offered here is more than enough reason to jump ship. Similarly, the $4.99 price tag gives the app an advantage over more expensive offerings by developers like SoundTrends.

If you’re a mobile musician, you owe it to yourself to give SunVox a test drive. It won’t break the bank, and with great functionality, you’ll quickly find a peg in your creation flow for the app.

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Make Incredible Music With SunVox For The iPhone And iPad

Make Incredible Music With SunVox For The iPhone And iPad