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Make Your Way To The Bottom Of Every Level In Super Drill Panic

Make Your Way To The Bottom Of Every Level In Super Drill Panic

September 6, 2011
Super Drill Panic by OrangePixel icon

Super Drill Panic (Free) by OrangePixel is a mini adventure in retro arcade game form. Help your character make his way down to the end of each level in this simple action game for iOS.

Super Drill Panic by OrangePixel screenshot

You stole the treasure, now — quick! — run! You're an 8-bit Indiana Jones being chased down by a boulder 89,479,412 times your size. As the boulder falls down, you must maneuver your way down to the end without getting squashed like a tiny 8-bit bug.

To control your pixel-like Indy character, you have two options. You can either control his movement by tilting your device, or by tapping arrows on either side of the screen. I found it easier to play by using the arrow tapping settings.

Along the way, collect coins and treasure, as you fall down. Eventually, you'll have to be on the lookout for other things that may end your life (e.g., spiders).

Luckily, you can run through one side of the game and come out on the other. For instance, if a spider tries to block your path, just run the other way, through to the other side, and continue jumping down.

The game did freeze up on me a few times. This seemed to happen every time I received a push notification from another app while having the game open. It would freeze up and not allow me to do anything until I exited out of the app completely.

Super Drill Panic by OrangePixel screenshot

Super Drill Panic comes with full Game Center and OpenFeint support and is available as a universal app. It's in the App Store for free.

It does have minimal ads, however, if that makes a difference to you. They don't get in the way, but I hope the developers will add an in-app purchase to get rid of ads. This would make more players happy with the game as a whole.

Other than that, go ahead and give it a try! See how many levels you can make it through before going SPLAT!

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