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TBS Comes To The iPad With Full Episodes For Compliant Providers

TBS Comes To The iPad With Full Episodes For Compliant Providers

September 11, 2011
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TBS (Free) by TBS provides lots of goodies. However, considering you must have a compliant local provider to view the included episodes, many users will still be out of luck.

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In a fashion similar to other cable stations like Syfy and ABC, TBS has finally released a native iOS application for their content. The app allows users to view show information, check the schedules of their favorite programs, and watch whole episodes as well as clips.

TBS for iPad also supports integration with Twitter and Facebook, making it simple to share your finds with friends and family via social networking. An odder addition is GetGlue support -- if you frequently use the entertainment-based service, you’ll really appreciate this bit of integration. Otherwise, you probably won’t be rushing out to register a new account.

The app includes a few other extras, like the option to send TBS feedback about the application, or check your viewing history via the History tab. Users can also program the app to remind them when their shows are on, ensuring they’ll never again miss an episode of Married ... With Children.

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To view full episodes of TBS shows, users will need to have an account with a partnered local provider. Listed among these are: Comcast, Cox, Dish Network, SuddenLink, Verizon, DirectTV, and Optimum. If your provider isn’t listed, you’re sadly out of luck, and won’t be able to watch anything more than short clips of your favorite shows.

That being said, there aren’t many whole episodes to be found, anyway. The available content varies from show to show, but most only feature a handful of episodes. Considering the app requires an account to view the included content, it’s far easier to use the app as a schedule guide, rather than a video streamer, like Netflix.

In the end, fans of TBS will enjoy the extra programming information, as well as the wealth of schedules. However, for those looking to watch whole episodes during their downtime, the app will be more of a disappointment.

Either way, as a free offering in the App Store, there’s nothing to lose by giving the app a test drive.

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