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Telegraph Pictures Takes You Around The World With Incredible Photographs

Telegraph Pictures Takes You Around The World With Incredible Photographs

September 11, 2011
Telegraph Pictures for iPad by The Telegraph icon

Telegraph Pictures for iPad (Free) by The Telegraph proves that a picture really is worth a thousand words.

The app makes it easy to view incredible photographs on your iPad, and with a 14 day archive promised, there’s enough content here to easily fill a boring Sunday afternoon.

Telegraph Pictures for iPad by The Telegraph screenshot

The Telegraph, as a leading news source (especially in the UK), has access to a treasure trove of incredible photographs. The content provided by the paper is on par with more prestigious institutions like National Geographic. Likewise, as an iOS edition of this content, Telegraph Pictures is every bit as inspiring as apps like 50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic.

The interface Telegraph Pictures uses is streamlined and easy to use. Users can browse through roughly 10 pictures per day, a task that’s easily accomplished by simply clicking on a daily stack and flicking from side to side through the downloaded images. In this sense, the app performs just like the native Camera Roll.

The photos themselves are hand-selected according to various criteria, including relevance to current events, artistic integrity, and general wow factor. There’s some genuinely cool stuff included here, and if you’re already a fan of apps like The Guardian Eyewitness, you’ll find a lot to love in Telegraph Pictures.

Telegraph Pictures for iPad by The Telegraph screenshot

That being said, the app isn’t nearly as feature rich as other titles available in the App Store. Telegraph Pictures is essentially a photo viewer, and not much else.

For instance, there’s no real way to export images to Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr. Likewise, there’s no easy way to load photographs in mobile Safari, or to save your favorites to the native Photos application.

There’s also no support for multi-touch controls, which is hardly a deal breaker, but certainly would have added to the experience. Being able to pinch into a new folder, or zoom into an image for a close-up, would have been greatly appreciated.

I only found content stacks for two days, as well, which isn’t surprising, considering the application has only just launched. Still, it takes only a quarter of an hour to rip through the included photographs, and until the 14 day archive has been generated, there’s not much incentive to linger on Telegraph Pictures.

However, the price is right -- Telegraph Pictures is free in the App Store, so it won't cost you anything to view the incredible photographs already included. And as the app is filled with more content, its value will only increase.

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