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Stimulate Your Eyes And Ears In The Arcade Racer, Warp Dash

Stimulate Your Eyes And Ears In The Arcade Racer, Warp Dash

September 18, 2011
Warp Dash by SGN icon

Warp Dash ($0.99) by SGN is an arcade racer for iOS that takes place in a galactic setting that is reminiscent of racing in Tron's "grid." A techno soundtrack that will put you in the zone, along with amazing graphics, will prepare you for a great gaming experience.

Warp Dash by SGN screenshot

To control your ship, you only need to tilt your device from left to right. Gameplay is similar to Boost 2 but without the tunnel landscape.

The goal is to collect as many triangles as you can — by running over them — before jumping off of a ramp. The more you have under your belt before you hit a ramp, the more points you get. Watch out for the random obstacles, though! If you crash into anything, it's game over. You want to last as long as possible.

If you brush your ship against anything, the graphics will waver, as if your visual equipment on board is being interrupted. Once you actually collide with something head on, though, you're done for, so be careful to avoid grazing the sides of your ship.

Warp Dash by SGN screenshot

The techno music — with some dubstep thrown in — makes you want to put some amazing headphones on (which I do recommend) and stimulate your ears while maneuvering through obstacles and trying to get a new high score.

Each new game you play is different; no two maps are alike. You'll never know what's coming, so the game keeps you on your toes.

Warp Dash is a universal app with Game Center support and is available on the App Store for just $0.99. This beautifully done game is definitely worth it, so try your hand at this galactic racer.

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