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Saks And Celebrate Fashion With Apple Products

Saks And Celebrate Fashion With Apple Products

September 8, 2011
The AOL Lifestyle website has partnered with Saks Fifth Avenue to put on an enormous Apple themed display at Saks' flagship New York City store. If you enjoy window-shopping, especially in the Big Apple, this is one not to miss. The window art is set up with 64 iPad 2s in the center window and nine Apple Cinema Displays in each side window. The display is celebrating Fashion’s Night Out and is designed to promote haute couture in the city. Although, Apple is getting a pretty big advertisement too! The window displays were developed from start to finish by Gin Lane Media. The company wrote custom software and an iPad app that allows all the devices to be linked together. Dan Kenger, the digital creative director at Gin Lane Media said:
Using a local network, which we setup, we are able to get all the iPads to talk to each other as well as perfect the timing to produce elegant fades and control what device should display what.
The window imagery includes streaming content, tweets, Stylelist imagery and user submitted photos with the #StylelistatSaks hashtag. This is definitely a cool use of the latest Apple technology. Check out the pics below, and if you walk by the display, let us know what you think.

(Via Jim Dalrymple The Loop)

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