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Starting Tonight, You Can Watch Your Favorite NBC TV Shows On Your iPad

Starting Tonight, You Can Watch Your Favorite NBC TV Shows On Your iPad

September 9, 2011
Starting Thursday night (Sept. 8), you can begin watching many of your favorite TV shows in the newly updated NBC iPad app. Up until this point, you were only able to watch clips and see show information. NBC competitors ABC and CBS already have apps with full-length content, so NBC is the last of the three major networks to jump on board with the concept. It certainly is timely as all networks, including NBC, move into season premier time. Vivi Zigler, the president of NBC Universal Digital Entertainment said that NBC “wanted to understand the business model mechanism” Before offering the updated feature in the iPad app. The updated NBC app will also allow users to select their favorite shows so they automatically update in the app. This prevents having to search for a show each time the app is launched. NBC has hit series' like The Office, Law & Order, 30 Rock and more. The NBC Live app also received an update today, it allows fans to interact during their favorite shows and check in on Facebook and Twitter. Mashable brought us this exclusive story and NBC has announced it on their website. The update just came out this evening; if you checked earlier and it wasn't there, check it again. Hopefully you will see it soon!  

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