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The Harmony Link Lets Your iDevice Control Everything

The Harmony Link Lets Your iDevice Control Everything

September 20, 2011
Logitech, in partnership with Rovi, is set to release the Harmony Link. The $100 device, which looks like a hockey puck, lets your iDevice control your home’s entertainment system, according to news first published by The Verge. Simply put, the Harmony Link is a Wi-Fi radio hooked up to five infrared LEDs that communicates with the iPhone/iPod touch or iPad. The entire process, thereafter, is controlled by a free app that will be available in the App Store. Accordingly:
After the usual setup procedure — makes it as easy as browsing listings of current programming and tapping to pick your show, though we’re afraid there’s no grid-style programming guide and the IR blaster setup’s still not quite robust enough to automatically program your TiVo. Smartphone apps for iPhone, iPod touch (iOS 4.0 and above) and Android handsets will also be available at launch, but those won’t have the TV guide functionality out the door.
Take a look:

The Harmony Link looks absolutely fantastic. Assuming it does as advertised, remote controls could finally be things of the past.

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