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The Missing iPhone 5 Story Begins Falling Apart

The Missing iPhone 5 Story Begins Falling Apart

September 2, 2011
Folks, it looks like the story earlier this week about the missing iPhone 5 might not have been a story at all. As such, CNET’s entire report is being questioned, according to SFWeekly. Just days ago, we reported on CNET’s claim that an iPhone prototype went missing at a San Francisco bar. Reminiscent of a similar event in 2010 with the iPhone 4, this story was instantly picked up by AppAdvice and everyone else in media. The problem, however, is that the story isn't checking out. In fact, the San Francisco Police Department says no records exist concerning the alleged incident.
There's just one problem: SFPD spokesman Officer Albie Esparza says no records exist of any such activity by SFPD inspectors.
"I talked to CNET" reporter Declan McCullagh, Esparza tells SF Weekly. "I don't know who his source is, but we don't have any record of any such an investigation going on at this point.
SF Weekly isn’t saying CNET lied. Rather, they state:
It seems some questions are arising about whether that confidence was misplaced. Until Apple decides to comment on the alleged phone loss, which it so far has not done, the details of what happened will be hard to sort out.
Even more interesting, the manager at the bar when the incident is said to have happened, knows nothing about it, according to Cult Of Mac. Of course, since Apple isn't commenting on this alleged incident, there is really no way of knowing if the story is true or not. For CNET's part, they seem committed to the story, which is still available on their site. Rumors continue to point to a September/October release of Apple's next handset. Therefore, hopefully these and other iPhone 5 rumors will soon end.

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