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The Verizon iPhone 4 Will Be On Sale At The Shack Beginning September 15

The Verizon iPhone 4 Will Be On Sale At The Shack Beginning September 15

September 9, 2011
Radio Shack is planning to team up with Verizon this month and will begin selling their mobile phones and plans. Along with the new product lineup, it looks like Radio Shack will begin selling the iPhone 4, instead of waiting for the highly anticipated iPhone 5. A leaked screenshot on the 9to5Mac website indicates the retailer will begin selling the 16GB iPhone 4 on September 15.  They also indicated some of the stores will have the 32 GB iPhone in stock along with the Verizon iPad 2.

It is unclear why Radio Shack would invest in selling the current iPhone 4 for the short time they have before the rumored new iPhone 5 becomes available. Maybe it is an advertising campaign, more than a sales opportunity. This might be their way of raising consumer awareness that Radio Shack sells the iPhone for both of the current carriers, in order to prepare for the launch of the iPhone 5. Radio Shack currently sells AT&T iPhones and is also a provider for Sprint and T-Mobile, however they will be ending their relationship with T-Mobile soon. With rumors of Apple expanding to more carriers with the iPhone 5 launch, this may actually be a very smart move for Radio Shack. I imagine we may possibly see a Sprint iPhone in their stores as well.  

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