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Third-Party Adding Backlight Behind iPhone 4's Apple Logo

Third-Party Adding Backlight Behind iPhone 4's Apple Logo

September 13, 2011
An Apple product wouldn’t be complete without its beautifully designed Apple logo. Now, a third-party repair company is taking Apple’s design to an new level by offering a backlight behind the logo on the iPhone 4, according to MacRumors. UK-based iPatch will soon offer an “iPhone real apple illumination modification” at a price of £50 - £100 “depending on mass production costs.” According to an F.A.Q. on the iPatch website:
  • It has had no noticable drop in battery performance in day to day use
  • It does not cause any heating of the rear case
  • The light goes off when the screen goes off. This means it will not glow when you are on a normal call and have the phone to your ear or have the phone on standby
  • The light effect is an evenly distributed glow, much like the apple symbol on the rear of a macbook lid
  • It does illuminate when you receive a text or call, or when your alarm sounds
  • It does not cause any change in thickness to the phone or result in any light leakage around the frame
  • The glass plate used is that from a standard iPhone 4 and is, therefore, available in black and white (or even custom colours if required)
  • The colour of the apple logo can be changed by applying a colour filter and its intensity can be reduced by reducing the front LCD brightness. There are other, currently classified, mods that may be possible too depending on testing. Currently, when the light is off, the apple has a frosted glass appearance but this may change to reflective silver, if possible, to maintain the original look of the iPhone
  • The camera function is completely unaffected either with or without flash
  • Plans are to release an export franchise kit which will be available to trained repairers abroad. It is by no means simple to replicate and would not be advisable to attempt without the expertise and knowledge of how the iPhone functions at a circuitry level. Details of how to participate will be released in the future
  • It will void any warranty with apple but the modification is fully reversible, returning the iPhone exactly back to how it was (at a smaller additional cost)
  • It will come with iPatch's standard 90 day warranty so if anything goes wrong, you are covered
  • International orders are welcomed although please be aware of the delivery scale and costs
  • It looks, quite frankly, awesome!
Personally, we find this modification awesome. Of course, this assumes none of us are going to purchase the iPhone 5, which could actually be released before this iPhone 4 modification is available. But, for those that are willing to ship their iPhone 4 to the UK and spend the money, this could certainly add to the iDevice's cool factor.

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