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To-Fu 2, A Sequel As Good As Its Predecessor

To-Fu 2, A Sequel As Good As Its Predecessor

September 8, 2011
To-Fu 2 by HotGen Ltd. icon

To-Fu 2 ($0.99) by HotGen Ltd. is a physics-based puzzle game that requires a bit of aim, a handful of strategy, and a love of condensed soybean curds with attitude. Fans of To-Fu: The Trials of Chi will love this sequel. It has plenty of puzzle levels, a few new features and oodles of fun.

To-Fu 2 by HotGen Ltd. screenshot

Your goal is to smash your animated soybean cube into the giant pink Fortune Kitty by flinging To-Fu across an obstacle-filled maze. To make him move, you tap and drag him, aiming for where you want him to land. He will stretch out as far as he can. When you let go, he will “ping” across the screen and stick to his final destination. There are dangerous spikes that will turn To-Fu into soup if you don’t aim just right. There are also a variety of platforms that will affect his movement. For example, he will ricochet off of metal plates and slide down glass walls.

There are 100 levels with 300 emblems to collect. The sequel has added a special supercharged chi that lets To-Fu fly through the air faster. There is also a time trial feature and the ability to purchase special costumes for your healthy little hero, making it just about the cutest darned game around without compromising the challenge.

Overall, To-Fu 2 is fun and addictive. It is challenging for even the best puzzle gamers. The graphics and background music are a perfect fit for this cute, but tough game. For only $0.99, you won’t be disappointed.

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