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AT&T "Working With Apple" To Call iPhone 4S A "4G" Handset

AT&T "Working With Apple" To Call iPhone 4S A "4G" Handset

October 8, 2011
We didn't expect Apple's newest handset to boast a 4G antenna, and it doesn't. Unfortunately, though, AT&T seems to be ignoring that small technicality; and, according to This is my next,
the carrier is apparently “working with Apple” to change the indicator in the iPhone 4S (which tops out at 14.4Mbps, up from the iPhone 4′s 7.2Mbps) to show “4G” in the status bar as well.
The code to enable this particular change is not part of the initial iOS 5 rollout, but the update is expected to be included in a revision released shortly thereafter. However, it remains to be seen if Apple's actually willing to acquiesce, since the new 4G "standard" is more than a mite misleading. And, because AT&T is simultaneously building out its LTE infrastructure, consumers may be misled even more. Still, if AT&T gets its way, the indicator will work in the expected way. iDownloadBlog explains that,
Like 3G, the 4G logo should only appear when AT&T’s HSPA+ network is in range.
Class action lawsuits beckon.

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