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Blowing Up Zombies Has Never Been So Easy

Blowing Up Zombies Has Never Been So Easy

October 28, 2011
Zombies vs Missiles by Animoca icon

Zombies vs Missiles (Free) by Animoca is an arcade-style shoot ‘em up game where you are tasked with protecting the town from an air assault by a horde of the undead. How those brainless zombies figured out how to put on a parachute before jumping out of a plane, or why they even need a parachute at all, is an unsolvable mystery

Zombies vs Missiles by Animoca screenshot

As the zombies slowly fall from the sky, missiles are launched to attack them, blowing them to bits before their crumbling limbs ever touch the ground. Money is earned for every parachuting zombie that is killed. Money can be used to upgrade or buy weapons. There are five slots for missiles, each one has different features. Using tilt controls, the missiles are directed left or right. By tilting the iPhone/iPod touch up or down, the missile is slowed or sped up to reach its destination.

After playing the game for about half an hour, it didn’t seem to get more difficult to play. The speed at which the zombies came down never got faster. While multiple undead creatures would sometimes fall at the same time, the level of action was always so low that one could make dinner while playing this game.

Overall, while the zombie theme is fun, and a shoot ‘em up arcade game is always good for some entertainment value, it is hard to recommend this app, even at the price of free. However, it is likely that the game actually picks up the pace after a long enough waiting period. Since the game is free, why not give it a try.

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