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First Look: The Early Edition 2

First Look: The Early Edition 2

October 20, 2011
When it arrived in April 2010, one of the iPad’s first apps was Early Edition, by Glasshouse Apps. Today, The Early Edition 2 has arrived in the App Store. Priced at $4.99, the app offers you a personalized newspaper based on your interests. Best of all, The Early Edition 2 has been completely rewritten and includes Google Reader sync, a revamped UI, and gesturing, among other new features. In many respects, The Early Edition 2 looks like an old-style newspaper that has been rethought for the iPad. The first time you start the app, you'll be ask to create a newspaper using Google Reader or create a standalone edition. The first is pretty much what you'd expect: A personalized newspaper that includes articles and topics from your Google stream. The second reminds us a lot of Zite, whereas you select the topics that interest you most. From there, The Early Edition 2 creates an issue using those preferences. Either way you choose, the end result is very nice. Full features include:
  • Two reader modes: Google Reader Sync or Standalone mode
  • Beautiful, dynamic page layouts
  • Optional display style overrides for Feeds or Sections (Normal, Photo & Photo + Border)
  • Page turn animation that can follow your finger
  • A clever, hidden toolbar which allows you to enjoy your content without the distraction of buttons
  • All images are cached so you can enjoy the full experience when offline
  • Double-tap an image and you go into a beautiful swipeable gallery mode
  • The entire paper is searchable and you can save specific search terms for one-tap searching in the future
  • Clippings. A shoebox filled with stories you’ve saved for reading later
  • Featured Feeds. This is our curated list of suggestions for topics and news sources that you might be interested in adding to your paper
  • Many gestures that take advantage of the iPads amazing multi-touch interface
  • iOS 5 Twitter integration and other sharing services like Instapaper, Facebook, Delicious and Read It Later
  • A brand new engine under the hood
Take a look:

The Early Edition 2 is available for $4.99.

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