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Handcrafted Art Plus Matching Puzzle Game Equals Awesome

Handcrafted Art Plus Matching Puzzle Game Equals Awesome

October 20, 2011
MatchEm by BongoBoo Games icon

MatchEm ($0.99) by BongoBoo Games is a matching game where images on the bottom can be switched around instead of the ones on top. It is not entirely unlike Tetris with a Halloween theme.

MatchEm by BongoBoo Games screenshot

In this game, you must match images that fall from above with ones that line the bottom of the screen. Blocks don’t disappear, nor do they stack. As images fall into their matches, the floor level drops, ever so slightly. If matches are not made, the floor rises higher and higher until the game is over.

In order to match falling images with the ones lined up along the floor, you can switch them, but only two at a time. They must be within the switching box, a rectangular “rope” around two images that allows them to switch places.

The thing that stands out about this game is the painstaking detail that appears to have gone into the artwork. When you first look at it, the images are just cute little animations, but upon closer inspection, each image is like a felt cutout that has been photographed and imported for animation. The background image and menu screen are also like felted art, which makes it so much more interesting to view. It is a pity that this app is not optimized for the iPad. The larger screen size would really show off how amazing the artwork is.

Overall, this app is the perfect Halloween treat for anyone who loves matching games, spooky themes and handcrafted felt art. At only $0.99, you will enjoy every penny spent on this adorable game.

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